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Welcome to Gain Solutions

About Gain

We’re a web development company located in Dhaka, Bangladesh. We develop web applications for the customers all over the world.

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We work on Node.js

We build software using Node.js. We are using Meteor JS, Vue JS, React JS, GraphQL and some cool technologies to make the great softwares.

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Global market

Anyone can use our software from anywhere in the world. We have customers all over the world.

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We love Laravel

We love to solve your problems through the web applications. Laravel and Vue makes it easier to make our awesome applications.

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Maintenance & support 

We love to help our customers. All of our software contains six months after sale support with free of charge.

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Responsive web app

Our web applications are suitable for all devices. Anyone can use it from the desktop, laptop, iPad and mobiles.

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Online market

Customers can easily explore & buy our product form Envato online market

Every problem has a Solution

We love to solve it

Our Services

We realize that your problem is always just a click away. We love to think about your problems and build softwares to solve the problems easily. We believe the softwares can make your business more effortless.

Custom Web Application

We build web based software for our clients based on their needs. Doesn’t matter how difficult the problem is, we are here to solve the problems.

Inhouse software development

We develop different types of software to solve different kinds of problems. We have some ready software to provide you. Feel free to contact with us.

Software customization

We provide customization of the softwares for our customers. To fit your business needs we are here to give you the best customized softwares.

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